Returning to the Daily Routine After a Trip

It’s not easy to return to your daily life after a journey. There’s jet lag, catching up on things you’ve neglected during your trip, you haven’t eaten your normal diet, exercised none…etc. Now that I’ve been home for over a week, I’m still trying to get back into my previous daily groove. I’m in a post vacation rut. I don’t want to eat healthy or exercise. I had a few plant fatalities while I was gone and I don’t seem to care.

It’s not a depressed feeling I’m having. It’s more that I’m unmotivated or just plain lazy. It made me wonder if this is common after a trip, so I googled it of course. It turns out some people call it “Vacation Blues”. The definition is a decrease in well-being or work productivity following a vacation. Having to get back into your daily routine can cause “discomfort”. Apparently, it’s discomfort I’m feeling.

The ways I read to overcome the Vacation Blues seemed a little silly to me. What did ring true was physically getting yourself back into your timezone. So this is where I’m starting, beginning with my sleep schedule which is still not normal. Doing 10 minutes of exercise in the morning just to get myself back on the treadmill. (I’m on day 4, thank you very much). Lastly, getting rid of the sugar and white flour in my life….AGAIN.

Baby steps.

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