A Cultural Day in Sofia

Our first and only full day in Sofia was spent walking the main area and seeing all the important sights. It’s easy to do as almost all of them are on the same boulevard…you just need to find the boulevard.

The street is clean with beautiful buildings and lots of small green parks along the way

It wouldn’t be a proper post without a picture of a Bulgarian rose.

The show stopper is Alexander Cathedral.

Inside is a museum of Christian art and it has some works dating back to the 14th century. It seemed strange to me that none of them were blocked off or in glass.

Orthodox Christian is the main religion in Bulgaria as it was in Romania. This church was eye catching, but they did not allow photos inside.

We also made a visit to the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Last on our list was the National Art Gallery. We spent a few hours here. Both Sr. Elizondo and I were  glad we decided to go. It has a large and impressive amount of art.

I won’t bore you with the hundreds of pictures we took, but here’s one of my favorites.

We had a great day today.

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