Bucharest Day One Wanderings

We arrived late into Bucharest so I hired a private transfer to the hotel. Our driver was so friendly and full of information. His two bits of advice: “Don’t walk to the right of our hotel at night” and “Don’t take taxis. Ubers are better $”. Got it.

For the first day, we decided to wing it without a specific itinerary. The thing that becomes immediately apparent is the buildings. Bucharest has some beautiful architecture that commands your attention. It’s a shame they are not all in their pristine state. I understand why it used to be called Little Paris.

Here’s a building that has seen better days, but I”m sure it was a beauty at one time.

Today was a whopping high of 97 degrees! A high noon beer break in the shade was necessary.

(Tip: Here and in Poland they are not familiar with the term “pale ale”. Call it blonde and save yourself the confusion.)

The “Old Town” is on the smaller side with mostly restaurants and shops.. It”s not a traditional old town, but more of an area designated to be the “Old Town”.

The one shop I was sure to visit was Carturesti Bookstore.

My thought about Bucharest after day one is the city has such potential to be a tourist mecca, but isn’t interested in being one. They don’t feel that open towards tourists.


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