Getting Ready For Take Off

Our travel adventure is about to begin! Aside from the Xanax I’ll be taking right before the flight, here’s my international flight essentials (in addition to what’s already in my purse).

Comfort first…

Wrap, socks, neck pillows, iPad (books/games), charger, earphones, and crossword puzzles.

Special mention: Blow up neck pillows are the best. I cannot count how many regular neck pillows Sr. Elizondo and I have lost while traveling….actually I think it’s eight.

Can’t forget toiletries…

Nail file, wet wipes, deodorant, chapstick, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, Tums, toothbrush/paste, gum & breath mints, Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

Don’t wanna starve…

Water bottle, seeds/nuts, candies, tea, stevia. I’ll be adding a few other nibbles like fruit roll ups, string cheese, and protein bars.

Stay tuned…

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