A Bridal Shower in Mexico

The Despedida Soltera is what they call a bridal shower in Mexico. It’s typically a luncheon held at a restaurant or venue. Money is the gift to be brought, no fancy bridal card necessary. A plain white envelope is perfectly acceptable. I believe it goes toward the costs of the actual wedding event. It’s not a bad idea, especially when there are approx over 100 women in attendance.

Let me just start off by saying the future bride looked stunning, not to mention so happy.

This bridal shower was given by both mothers of the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. When you walked into the venue: the greeting table was there with a beautiful centerpiece, the guest book, and an acrylic box for all of the envelopes.

The tables were all different shapes and sizes with the centerpieces being cakes topped with fresh roses. What a beautiful idea.

In the middle of the room there was a table full of nibble snacks to eat.

Lunch began with a salad and then stuffed steak with veggies…very tasty.

Dessert was of course the cakes on the tables.

Each of the mothers gave a speech with a gift to the soon to be bride. There was one gentleman in the room who brought a message of love written by the groom to the bride. Such a thoughtful and romantic detail. So many “awwws” and “ohhhs” from everyone while listening.

At the end of the evening, gifts of acrylic jewelry holders were given to all of us ladies as we were leaving.

A ladies luncheon bridal shower is an elegant way to begin your wedding festivities. I think I actually prefer it to the more typical American bridal shower.

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