A313 Pommade Vitamin-A Review

The A313 is a high grade Vitamin A (aka: retinol) cream that has cult status and is said to give women flawless skin. I was a bit nervous adding this into my skincare routine. My skin is looking great, so why add another product? Because I can’t resist French beauty products. The reviews on this cream are that it’s truly amazing. (BTW: It’s surprisingly reasonably priced. aka: bargain)

Let me start by saying this cream’s consistency is similar to vaseline, not like your typical creams. My first thought putting it on was this is going to make me break out. Per the directions online, your face MUST be dry when you apply it and a little goes a long way. Because I have extremely sensitive skin, I opted for a pea sized amount, 1x per week. They say itching is common until you build up a tolerance for it. I applied the A313 and  I felt a little bit of heat, but only for a few minutes or so. Then I went to sleep. In the morning, my face was fine. No redness or irritation.

After the second week, I was a bit more liberal with my application. My skin was again fine; however, redness did begin to happen the morning after while using my normal skincare products. I’m cutting back on the amount to the original small pea size for my entire face. It’s been 4 weeks, 4 applications now. Am I seeing dramatic results? No, but do I see a smooth face the following morning after using it, yes. So, I’m sure it’s helping. If my skin could tolerate more applications, I have no doubt the results would be substantial.


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