Instant Pot Yogurt

I’ve joined the masses and am now the owner of an Instant Pot. I plan on using it for a lot of things, but I specifically bought it to make yogurt. I made my first batch last night.

For whatever reason, the pasteurizing or “More” mode did not raise the milk to the necessary 180 degrees. So, based on internet suggestions, I put the milk on “Slow cook” mode for an additional 15 minutes. It worked. Thank you people of the internet.

It tasted ok, but the texture was a bit gelatinous for me. I used full milk and nonfat yogurt, I  didn’t strain any whey and I added one tablespoon of vanilla extract prior to refrigeration. Next batch, I’ll switch to full fat yogurt starter and definitely strain the liquid whey for a couple of hours. Once I’ve mastered the Instant Pot yogurt to creamy perfection, I will be sure to post exactly what I do and use.

I’m really excited to be making homemade yogurt. I use at least two large tubs per week. Making my own will definitely be cheaper, less plastic, and soon to be delicious.


I’ve perfected my yogurt by doing the following:

  • I changed the milk to Organic Whole Milk. The quality of milk used matters.
  • After it’s been in the Instant Pot 10 hours, I strain the whey out for 8-10 hours.

Just FYI: I eliminated the vanilla because I find myself using this yogurt for savory dishes as well.

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