The Baby Hummingbirds Have Joined the World

Apparently, when you start seeing baby hummingbirds standing on their nest instead of in it, they are getting ready to fly away. My last post showed one of them standing on the nest. A day later, she was gone.

Then there was one. I wonder if she is scared all alone now? She’s definitely more comfortable.

We caught her standing up and definitely being more alert about her surroundings.

The next day, she left too. I’m so happy they both made, but I’m feeling a bit of empty nest syndrome. I read that baby hummingbirds don’t return to their nests, but I still find myself checking just in case.

 According to a hummingbird website I found, the mother will feed and show them where to get food for 3 days after they leave the nest and then they’re completely on their own. The website also said hummingbirds have up to 300 places they go to get food. I put up a second feeder, so make that 301 for them.


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