Ladybird’s Twins are Growing Up

The twins are finally looking like little birds you might see flying. One of them has the beginnings of iridescent green feathers just like the mom. They’re also busting out of their nest and lifting their heads up high to take a peek at the world.

Occasionally, we saw Ladybird flying and chirping all around the palm tree for a few days. I went out a few times and didn’t see anything, but sprayed the palm (not by the twins) with garden bug spray just in case. It was still happening and I checked again. Below the palm tree is some overgrown foliage and something jumped away from me. Something that was a decent size. All I could think of were the babies need to be protected. So, I cut away most of the foliage below. It’s not very pretty, but at least it is less of a nice home for whatever creature was living there. Problem solved so I thought.

Ladybird was still chirping! WtH. I looked again and there was the predator. A salamander about the size of my hand in length climbing up the palm tree. Egads! Sr. Elizondo and I tried to get it to climb back down, but it was too fast. Before we knew it, it was gone. So now we keep an ear out for the Ladybird’s chirps. She goes vocally crazy when it’s near. Her chirps are now our call to action.

The winds are still slapping the palm leaves all around at night and the rains are beginning again. I willl be so happy when the twins fly away and join the world. Their little home is practically vertical now.

And this morning, I thought Ladybird was feeding her twins, but it was one of the babies stepping out on the nest and taking a little stretch.

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