Ladybird’s Twins Have Quills

Sr. Elizondo and I are watching over the twins diligently, probably more than mommy Ladybird. I’ve caught Ladybird feeding her babies a few times now and it’s so sweet to see them lift their little heads to eat.

What’s making us nervous now? The palm branch their nest is on is getting lower and weaker by the day. At least there are no more storms in the near future. Unfortunately, the winds are still crazy at night. I find myself checking on them first thing every morning to make sure they are still in their nest.

The twins are growing bigger and are probably about the size of a peanut. It’s looking like a bit of a squeeze in the nest now. Notice the shape of the nest is now oval instead of round.

And I can see the quills forming on their bodies. This means they are at least 10 days old.

Here is the latest photo of them taken just today. They look nothing like the tiny black creatures they were less than a couple of weeks ago.


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