PDC New Restaurant Finds and Restaurant Busts

My Playa del Carmen intel continues…


Salade at the corner of 10th & 15th. For a good BIG salad, this is the place. Fresh veggies and friendly service.

La Mission on 10th between Juarez and 2nd. This is a good typical Mexican restaurant.

Yala on 10th between 5th and 10th. I walked by this small restaurant earlier in the day and the smell of curry was divine. I went back later that evening and had falafels. It was pretty darn good.



Romeo’s Italian restaurant is supposed to be really good. They were temporarily closed.

Cafe Antoinette had great reviews and menu online. I should have checked the dates because now it’s only a bakery and coffee place. (The pastries and breads did look good, but I wanted an actual meal.)

La Brioche is a French restaurant that also had great reviews. I looked on 10th and it was nowhere to be found. Again if I had researched a little more thoroughly, I would have known this restaurant has moved and I’ve already been there! It’s on 5th ave and 38th. I’ve been to it a few times and yes, it’s an excellent place to eat.

What I’ve learned: Make sure the info you are googling is current!!!



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