Playa del Carmen Good Eats West of the Carretera

There are plenty of condos (one might even say, “saturated”) in Playa del Carmen and many of them are on the “other side” of Playa. By that I mean west of the carretera, not in the touristy Centro. Sandy Toes is one of them and I’m slowly finding the good places to eat. Here’s a few recommendations.

Most importantly, there is Lo Nuevo El Fogon. I was so happy to find this restaurant not far from Sandy Toes. It’s on the corner Colosio, one street before Chemuyil. I’m inclined to agree with those on Trip Advisor and say El Fogon tacos are some of the best in Playa. Their trompo is a must. You can see below just like in the two in Centro, El Fogon is always packed with people from the moment it opens.


Another great place to eat is Bak Dune on Colosio. It’s a really small restaurant and can be easily missed. If you’re driving from the carretera, it’s before Chemuyil, on the left hand side. It’s a Mexican/Lebanese restaurant, but I have only had the Lebanese food. The falafels and the tabouleh are definitely worth ordering.


A solid choice for pizza is Adornetto’s in Plaza Real Ibiza. There menu isn’t huge, but what they offer is good. They also have huge salads served with bread that I’m a fan of. I probably order their Caesar salad that comes with rosemary focaccia once a week when I’m here.


On my last visit I discovered Mr. Dog for hamburgers and hot dogs. There is one in the Centro too. I’ve only tried their grilled hamburgers and I’m a repeat customer. Two thumbs up for Mr. Dog.



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