Hummingbird Surprise

We put up a hummingbird feeder on our balcony facing the backyard. The hummingbirds came immediately and we love watching them. Now we have this surprise in our front entrance.

First we noticed a nest in process on one of the palm tree leaves. Not the most stable home since it can get pretty windy at our house.

Then the homeowner arrived and stayed. We call her Ladybird. She doesn’t seem to mind the wind. Maybe the floating motion is soothing. However in the nights, the winds have been brutal. Poor Ladybird hunkers down and powers through as she gets whipped around.

On one of the moments she left her nest, we saw her future babies. These two eggs are about the size of peas. They are sooo small. We tiptoe out the front door now and use the side door more than ever trying not to disturb her.

Hummingbird eggs hatch between 15-18 days.


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