A Visit to the Plastic Surgeon

I’ve finally come to terms with the fact I was never meant to be skinny. I was born to be a “high normal” weight (as I like to call it). Once you truly accept it and love yourself, it’s no longer the burden it was. Besides, Sr. Elizondo says he would rather have me at my normal weight enjoying food and life, than constantly restricting, judging and monitoring myself. It also makes our life together better too.

Luckily, I never cared that I was short. I’ve always just thought it made me cute.

I’m completely over trying to have the perfect blonde highlighted hair. I’m loving the silvers. They are not as scary as we are brought up to believe.

My man sized hands are not the prettiest, but they look just like my mothers which warms my heart when I really look at them.

I also embrace the line on my forehead that I’ve had since the second grade. Apparently, alot of things have amazed me. I’m fine with my laugh lines around my eyes. If I didn’t have them, I would have to take a serious look at the life I’ve lived.  My rosy cheeks do bug me at times, but thats what foundation is for on those special occasions.

What is bothering me is my skin is beginning to sag around my chin and this is something I would like to improve.

After seeing the plastic surgeon, we agreed a mini face lift is a good solution for me. It’s not a full lower face lift. It will still tighten the skin around the mouth and neckline using smaller incisions. It has a softer result with a quicker recovery time. I need to find a second doctor as I’ll be going for a second opinion. This is a big decision for me. I’ll keep you posted…

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