My Secret Garden Update

It’s been a couple weeks since I transformed my unused balcony into what I’m calling My Secret Garden. I’m a novice gardener and its been alot of trial and error so far.

Overwatering is as bad as under watering. I was a bit of a smother mother watering my plants daily and alot until they all started turning yellow. I backed off and then I forgot about them for a few days and one almost died. I’m learning to water less, but consistently in the mornings. They’re looking better.

My balcony aesthetics come second to where the plants NEED to be placed on my balcony.  I had my plants strategically placed on my balcony to be the most visually appealing. Now, most of them are right at the edge of the balcony to get the most sun. I’ll need to add some less needy sun plants to the mix.

Bugs/worms attack and attack fast. My spearmint was beautiful one day and the following day it had been savagely eaten. I sprayed bug spray on it, but I need to research organic ways to keep the critters away. (She’s in recovery mode below.)

Hummingbirds don’t like to share. We’ve counted four so far and it’s all out war with them trying to get to the feeder I put up.

Finally, I needed to find a way to keep the ants off the feeder. The internet said to use vaseline. I only had vapor rub, but it worked like a charm. I saturated the top the feeder with it and the ants cannot get past it. Now they’re gone completely.

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