Mexican Weddings

Yesterday, a good friend’s daughter of Sr. Elizondo got married. It was a beautiful event as they always are here. There’s definite differences between weddings here and wedding back in the U.S based on my experience.

Weddings are typically a much more formal affair in Mexico than in the United States. The weddings here have a full mass, attire is always formal with most women wearing midi or long gowns. There are normally 250-500 people who attend, and the wedding can last until early morning with breakfast sometimes served!

Some other differences are Mexican weddings have no bridal parties, they start in the evenings and the dinner isn’t normally served until around 9:30-10:00pm. The first thing done at the reception is the “first dance” and immediately after is the garter and bouquet toss. The reception decor is elaborate with ALOT of toys handed out such as light up sticks, whistles, boas, hats, etc. The elaborate affairs become more like raves after a certain hour. They do not give out favors; however, flip flops or slippers given to women seems to be the norm. The cake cutting happens late in the evening and it’s not the attention grabbing event that it is in the States. Actually, I don’t think I’ve actually seen any cutting of the cake by the bride and groom. One last thing I am thinking of is a Mexican wedding would never have you pay for your drinks. They always have an open bar.

My favorite part of the wedding we went to was the fireworks during the couple’s first dance. It was so pretty.


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