Pedir a la Novia Success

The meeting of families between the future bride and groom was a lovely get together. The groom’s family is as kind as the groom is. I couldn’t be happier for them both.

I was also super happy with how the table looked.

Buffet setup strategy: sweet and elegant with a gold runner and pink flowers and napkins. I was nervous about having different sized champagne glasses, but I ended up loving the way it looked.


Drink station. Simple glasses with the drinks in the refrigerator next to it. The flowers were the perfect touch to making it a little special.

The food was just enough. The individual Caesar salad bites were a hit, along with the empanadas (restaurant bought). I always have a cheese plate at gatherings. They are not very popular with Sr. Elizondo’s family, but the Zavala’s had plenty. Also, a cheese plate always looks chic on a table.








The toasts were made with champagne followed with carrot cake. Felicidades to the future Sr. & Sra.!


(The snafus of the event: The strawberries I bought were unusable/bad. The main flower bouquet deflated from humidity prior to the party. And the guests arrived early while I was still in a t-shirt and shorts setting up! However, all were survivable.)


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