The Latest Visitor in Our Backyard

While we live in a well populated area, there is still plenty of open land and fields around us. We used to have wild boar searching through our trash. We  have seen one snake, a few tarantulas, a couple of scorpions, some disgustingly huge centipedes, and the occasional mouse that slips through the doggie door.

Recently, we’ve been seeing some markings left on the tops of the backyard walls. I started checking the yard with a flashlight from our upstairs window and finally saw our new friend. The light frightened him and he slowly climbed over the fence and back into the brush. At first I thought it was a raccoon and then some type of lemur. After some googling, I found him. This is the critter, a Mexican Ringtail Cat.

Isn’t he cute? I don’t mind this little guy. I’ve been doing a quick search for him nightly, but I haven’t seen him again. However, he leaves his “little presents” and lets us know he’s still out there.

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