Closet Transition Time

I literally went from wearing a sweater, sweats, and socks last week to a t-shirt and shorts this week. Monterrey is now in straight up heat mode.

It’s time to transition my closet from winter to summer and this is a great time to closet purge. I’m an anti-hoarder. Purging my closet, organizing, streamlining all give me happy goose bumps. The questions I ask myself: Did I wear that sweater this year? Do I ever wear that sweater? Has that black purse seen better days? Do I really use 15 winter scarves?

I’ve been actively doing this for a few years now. My winter wear now fits nicely into 2 large bins as I slowly pair down. (This doesn’t include coats.) I’m using the extra 3rd bin for the more worn out, older, cheaper summer items I have. If I don’t miss them, they will be part of the seasonal purge later this year.

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