The Crash and Burn of My Patio Decor Hopes

When I got the keys to Sandy Toes, I had big plans for my patio. Specifically, a tiny zen space. Something like this:

And then this happened:

Living in Playa, there are certain realities:

  • Dryers are not that common. There was the possibility of a stackable, but then they were few and far between to find. Not a popular item I guess. So, like most of the other “Playanese’s”, you will find me line drying my clothes.
  • Central air is also not that common and I wanted air in each room. Therefore, I have 3 air conditioners beautifully stacked in front of my bedroom window. Air conditioning is worth it.
  • Aesthetics are not always a priority in Mexican construction. You can see the tubes to my air conditioning units and the add on wall my neighbor did, but didn’t finish on my side. Do I really want to pay to make this more visually appealing? Nope.
  • Caged patios are common. This is a necessary evil aesthetic, especially when you are not a full time resident. The bars are on the windows are not my favorite either. Bars=Investment Protection and I’m okay with that.
  • Grass is a no-no as it’s a welcome mat for critters. That’s all a local has to tell me. No grass, check.

I have now accepted that my patio is for utilitarian purposes only. It provides my safety and comfort just like a zen garden, just in a different way. Plus the benefit of clean clothes.

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