Popular Mexican Product Buy

There’s a plethora of articles and reviews about French cult products. It made me wonder if there are any products that Mexicans swear by. After some amateur investigating, one product did keep coming up. It seems everybody uses Pomada de la Campana.

When I saw the picture of it, I immediately recognized it. We actually have this in the back of our bathroom drawer. I’ve never used it as I was never sure what it was for. It turns out this stuff is used for a number of things: Dry skin, psoriasis, dark spots, wrinkles, cracked heels, to help lessen the itch of mosquito bites, burns, etc. Apparently if you have any skin problems, this is the cream to use.

The above image on the right has Tepezcohuite in it. Tepezcohuite comes from a plant that is said to excellent for helping to keep skin smooth, wrinkle and acne free. I found an article online that said Salma Hayek swears by this for her beautiful skin. I’m not sure if the article was true, but there is definitely a lot of intel on the internet about Tepezcohuite benefits.

If this product is as beneficial as it appears to be, it’s a ridiculously cheap option for great skin.

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