Sandy Toes Jan 2019 Updates

Here’s my Sandy Toes decor status as of January 2019.

I did some decor rearrange and here is my “entryway”.  I need to have somewhere to put my purse/keys etc. when walking through the door. I’m this chair/table combo out for now.  If not, I’m thinking a white coat rack…

Feb priority: hooks for under the mirror

It’s amazing how a plant makes so much decor difference. (Ignore the makeshift doggie bed in the left corner.)

Feb priorities: Wall art and a pencil holder.

In the living room, I now have two tables on each side of the sofa. The round metal tray was supposed to be for the black stool/coffee table, but it got warped in the shipping.

Feb priorities: small chair, lamp, rug and tray #2.

And after spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at multiple chimes, dreamcatchers, etc. to use as a bathroom window blind from the other condos, I ended up buying this $6 plant. It works just fine and only has to live for one more month.

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