New Year, New Goals

It’s that time of year when we think about who we want to be and what we want for the upcoming year. My list for changes and wishes was a long one for 2019, but the more introspective I became, the clearer it became of what I really want to work towards.

  1. Make learning Spanish a priority. Living in Monterrey, it’s easy to get by on partial Spanish. In fact, it never really becomes an issue for me until a get together or party happens.
  2. Make friends. It’s not easy making new friends midlife. Then add living in a different country, not speaking the language, and being an introvert to the situation. Egads. This year I want to keep an open heart to meeting new people.
  3. Volunteer. Mexico is a great country to live in and it’s time I gave back, especially since there are so many opportunities to do so.
  4. Be a vegetarian.  Im an on again/off again vegetarian. It’s time to make it permanent.

Other goals:  Practice yoga; cook 1 new recipe per week; host a dinner party, go to an opera, work on my posture, travel.



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