Bracing Myself for What’s Inside

It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve been to Sandy Toes. Last time I had only a few months in between visits to Sandy Toes and the bug/worm population exploded inside. Well, maybe I exaggerate. You can look up the past post and see for yourself.

Sandy Toes was closed up from August through December and I was nervous to see what I would find inside. Would there be mold on/in the couch and beds? Scorpions somewhere, anywhere? My neighbor found a huge one in her condo, so the fear is real. There we were at Sandy Toes. The moment of truth.

And it was mostly fine. A few things were showing some mold.  A wood coaster I had in the bathroom and the wooden spoons in the kitchen. A couple of creepy crawlers dead on the floor, but that was it.  This was success in my book.

Here are the precautions I took before leaving Sandy Toes the last time:

  1. Thorough cleaning of the entire condo.
  2. Laundered bedding was not left on the bed, but folded on the side.
  3. Windows cracked open.
  4. I have a small condo, but I used large amounts of DampRid in every room with the exception of the bathroom.
  5.  I sprayed outside and inside the condo (including around the windows & doors) with Home Defense 6 month bug spray.
  6. I blocked the bottoms of the doors shoving cardboard underneath to prevent bugs.

Regardless of how long I am away, this will be the routine I use against bugs and mold. Now onto enjoying Sandy Toes.


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