Planner Book Day for 2019

My Clare V planner finally arrived. It’s time to start filling out dates, goals, and dreams for 2019.

Like reading books, book planners are better than electronic versions. A cup of tea, my favorite pen, and I spent the last couple of hours filling in the blanks.

I use my 2018 planner as a reference and mark the birthdays, anniversaries, annual medical appts, and upcoming travel dates that I currently know of. Addresses are transferred to the new book, as well as my online passwords.

Then in the Notes/Miscellaneous section of the planner, I add a sort of bullet journal touch: 2019 goals, finance budgets, future home updates and personal buys, travel wishes for the year, books and movies, etc. It’s all going in my planner as a reminder of what I want to do and achieve for 2019.

If you can’t name it, you can’t claim it”.

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