Mexican Christmas Posada Traditions

We went to Sr. Elizondo’s family Christmas party this weekend. Along with tons of food and drink, it’s a Mexican tradition to sing “Canto Para Pedir Posada”. The song is about Mary and Joseph’s search for a posada.

Half of the family is inside the house (representing the inn’s keeper) while the other half (representing Mary and Joseph) is outside. They alternate singing until at the end, those outside are welcomed to come in.

The second tradition is the star piñata. Below is the piñata from the posada. Normally/traditionally it should be a 7 pointed star representing the 7 deadly sins. Whack away those sins!

Though not just a Mexican tradition, family photos are always taken at his families events. Photos of siblings, primos, couples, families, etc. Everyone is in in some type of group photo.


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