Insomnia Moments

Women of a certain age not only get to experience heat flashes on a regular basis, but insomnia too. I’ve been waking up randomly in the middle of the night for a couple of months now. Trying to get back to sleep when you are COMPLETELY awake is futile. I don’t have a 9-5, so I decided to embrace my insomniac moments.

And guess what? I found there’s a peacefulness that calms me during these times. I’ve developed the nocturnal habit of having a hot cup of tea and watching the city through my window.


The middle of the night seems to be one of the few moments when my dog actually wants to sit on my lap.

This is both a joy for me and a curse. I never realized how much I move around until there’s a sleeping dog on my lap that I don’t want to disturb.


If I’m not drowsy after this, then I usually end up spending my time reading. With no distractions, lots of reading can happen.


It’s also a great time to work on my blog writing blog post ideas like I am now. It’s currently 4:33am.


And if I’m feeling particularly motivated, kitchen organization has not been unheard of at this time.






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