A Day in Hidalgo Mexico

Yesterday, we went to Hidalgo which is about a 45 minute drive outside of Monterrey. It’s a small town that Sr. Elizondo grew up in, but it’s now also  become famous for its rocks to climb. Climbers from all over the world come to El Potero Chico to climb. When we were there, we had the pleasure of chatting with climbers from Switzerland, Argentina, and the U.S. The rocks to climb are all at the front of the park and to me look like they are straight up 90 degree angles.

(The construction at the bottom of the picture is not at the park, but from where I took the pic.)

Sr. Elizondo’s sister owns La Posada. It’s a place for climbers to stay. She’s continually upgrading and adding on to it. Every time I go La Posada keeps getting bigger and better.

La Posada has both a camping site and small rooms to rent on the property.

There’s also a couple of sweat lodges and pool. The pool was a smart addition as people now come in the summer as well. (You can’t climb on a hot rock.)

It has a small restaurant with really good food and she added a coffee bar due to high request from climbers. I can personally vouch for the tacos gobernador. Delish!

Her latest construction (as seen in the first pic on this post) is a two story kitchen and dining area for climbers to use and make their own food if they choose.


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