Caregiving for Sammers

Before our trip, Sam had a tumor on her eye that needed to be surgically removed. We got back on Friday and she had surgery on Tuesday. The surgery went well, she’s ok, and now I’m the caregiver for my little conehead.

At the very basic level she’s so small she cannot maneuver the stairs with a cone. We live 3 level home, 4 if you count the garden. So, I’m having to carry her up and down the stairs and to the bathroom. Next is the feeding. How are animals supposed to eat out of their bowls with a cone on their head? I haven’t figured it out and neither has Sam. So, I sit and hand feed her meals to her.

Next is administering the medications. Sam can be pissy, so this is extra stressful for me. I’ve worked this out though. Both pain med and antibiotic I can crunch up and blend into her wet food. The eye drops is a cross your fingers and hope it falls into the eye type of scenario. And as for the cleansing of the eye, I’ve done it once so far and she was surprisingly calm with it. Maybe it actually feels good for her.

So there you have it. My life and Sams for the next 6 days.




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