I Knew Zurich Would Be Pricey, But Geez!

At the end of my first day in Zurich, I’m still having sticker shock. This city is SO expensive. Let me give you some examples in approx usd.

  • A 4 mile taxi- $28
  • The buffet breakfast at the hotel- $33
  • Bathroom at the train station $3
  • 1 scoop ice cream cone x 2 $15

On a better note, the center city with its old town is beautiful. Stores from H&M to Chanel line the streets. The better eating places seemed to be on the same side of the bridges as  Grossmünster and Niederdorf.

Most of the recommended sights can be done on foot in a day. The tourist map will give you a walking route to make it even easier.

Switzerland photos wouldn’t be complete without posting a picture of a chocolate store.


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