I’m a Vacation Prepper


Are you a vacation ‘prepper’ or a ‘wing it’ type of traveller? I’m most definitely a prepper and I wonder if I’m normal or a little out of control about it. I always plan my trips thinking I will not be returning, so I need to see as much as possible. Once I have decided on the destination, thorough research is done.

I first look up the “must see” sights. Then I work my way down the chain from there, being sure to include some lesser known obscure sights that warrant a visit. An example of this would be the house of a favorite writer or maybe an offbeat museum. Then, based on how many days I will be spending at the destination, I make my choices. (Side note: I always leave one day free for leisure, but always have a Plan B in my pocket just in case.) Next, I map out my sights so I’m not running from one end of a city to the other. This can be time consuming, but worth it. (Side note 2: if I cannot get to all the sights on my list for the day, so be it. I obviously enjoyed the others more than I anticipated. While I can be a bit obsessive about the pre-planning, I’m more go with the flow on the actual trip.)

The second thing I do is look up the “must eats” for the region. Eating the local cuisine is part of the travel experience. So I list out the top 10 food/drink items from the region that I want to try.

The third thing I do is find the best restaurants. I am not particular about upscale or budget. I’m just looking for the restaurants with the best local cuisine. And if one of these restaurants is known for one of the food items on my “must eats” list, then it becomes a definite restaurant to visit.

Now that I have decided on the sights and restaurants, logistics need to be determined. Most of the days are usually spent walking; however, initial transportation to the area is sometimes necessary. Will I be walking, taxi, metro…? Are there any tours that need to be booked?

Finally, if I am staying at a hotel, I always discuss with the concierge or front desk person my plan for the day. Any suggestions or guidance from a local is always helpful and appreciated.

So what do you think? Am I a well prepared traveller or OCD?

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