Driving Tips for Playa del Carmen

Driving in PDC is not as scary as you might think. Here’s a list of some driving tips to help.

  • Street lights work differently here. They have the same colors, red/yellow/green, but the timing is different. Green is go, but then it will start blinking. I think of the blinking green light as an American yellow light.  When it starts blinking, it will change to yellow and VERY quickly it turns to red. I consider the yellow and red almost the same.
  • At the gas station, check the gas amount on the gas pump before letting the person pump your gas. It is not unheard of for there to be money left on it and added to your bill.(I actually benefited from this tip on my last visit).
  • Those HUGE speed bumps are called Topes. They are not only meant for you to slow down, but pedestrians use them as a crosswalk as well. Be sure to check both ways for people trying to cross.
  • There are also small silver bumps in the road to slow you down. They seem small, but they are mighty. Don’t ignore them.
  • If you come back to your car and there is some type of window guard on it to keep the sun out, it’s not by accident. There is someone waiting for a tip for keeping your car cool. Help a local out.
  • I am the worst parallel parker, and PDC near 5th is a nightmare. I have 3 spots to park if headed to the beach: CTM, 34th, and Walmart. And all are free.
  • In general, if parking by 5th, the earlier the better when it comes to parking spots. I never have problems finding spots on the above reference 3 locations if I go by 10:30am.

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