Sandy Toes After Three Months Closed Up

I hadn’t been to Sandy Toes in 3 months. The anticipation of what I might find was always on my mind. As most things in life, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

First fear: Mold. Minus 2 wooden spoons, no mold was to be found. That being said, the rainy months in PDC are September through November. I suspect if mold is going to happen in Sandy Toes, it will be during these months. (Side note: I’ll be switching to rubber kitchen utensils.)

Second fear: Jungle creatures. Sandy Toes did not disappoint in this area. While there were no huge spiders, snakes, or scorpions to be found inside, I did walk into a floor full of dead centipedes. I was at Home Depot getting bug spray before I even opened any luggage. This was just from one area of my depa!

Third fear: Break in/theft. This fear doesn’t actually exist for me, but I thought you might be wondering. Sr. Elizondo made sure Sandy Toes is barred up and locked like Fort Knox!

On the positive side, the construction in the area of my condo is complete and it looks great. I was one of the first owners to occupy their condo, so it’s nice to see my building now populated with people enjoying their new homes.

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