Cabo vs Cancun

Now that I have finally been to Cabo, I can see the difference between Cabo and Cancun is drastic. Here’s how I break them down.



  • Desert environment
  • Dry heat
  • Grainy sand, darker blue water, waves
  • Laid back party vibe 
  • Santa Fe, town esthetic
  • 1 Shopping Mall
  • Has a marina
  • The Centro is a very clean, small, and walkable town with lots of shops, restaurants, and bars for partying, especially at night.
  • Beach clubs
  • Fishing tours, glass bottom boats, jet skis are really popular
  • Pueblo Magico Todos Santos is approximately 1 hour away.



  • Tropical environment
  • High humidity
  • White powder sand, Caribbean blue sea, calm
  • All-inclusive hotel mecca
  • Vegas party vibe 
  • Miami, city esthetic
  • Shopping Malls
  • Tons of Tours. There are SO many things to do in the Riviera Maya from water parks, Cirque de Solei, to Mayan pyramids.
  • Playa del Carmen (Mexican feeling zone, touristy, but totally fun) and Tulum (hippie, yoga, healthy, upscale posh) are nearby towns.


So are you looking for beautiful beaches, don’t mind humidity with lots to do? Then you would prefer Cancun.

Or are you looking for a more casual party atmosphere with plenty of boats for tours and fishing, and jet skis? Then Cabo is your destination.


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