Hanging Out in Cabo

All inclusive hotels are great, but don’t forget to go see the actual town too. We went into Cabo BCS today. My first impression was how new and clean the town feels. I think I was expecting a more pueblo feel.

After a quick walk, we went to the marina for a boat ride to see Lands End up close. The boat ride was about 45 minutes. A quick note about pricing of this ride: We paid $350 pesos per person. Once we were on the boat, we realized everyone else had paid $150. Sr. Elizondo was not pleased with this. And after a long discussion with the people who sold us the tickets, we got the better price.

For lunch we went to Los Claros (recommended by a local) for fish tacos and doraditos. It was delicious! The ceviche looked great too and I plan on ordering it on my next visit.


After lunch, Sr. Elizondo had a massage while I walked around looking at shops. We ended our day at CaboWabo listening to live music and drinking cervezas.



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