Juice Fast Day 1

Welcome to day 1of my juice fast. I have 6 juices to drink each day, every 2 hours. I’m also drinking a glass of warm lemon water, 1 fiber drink and 1 ACV with honey every morning. And of course lots of water. However, 8pm is the cutoff for any drinks because I want the 12 hour complete fasting period to happen.

Cheers! (No filter pic. Keepin’ it real!) See below for how my day went.

Morning Routine:

  • 8am Wake up
  • Tongue scrape/brush teeth
  • A glass of warm lemon water
  • 20-30 minutes on the eliptical
  • Dry brush my body, oil pull, & shower
  • First Juice of the day & probiotics (9:30am)
  • Gratitude journal
  • 15 minute meditation

I have to admit by 10:30, I wanted to eat. I didn’t see that coming so soon, but I wanted to eat ALL day. There was never any stomach growling as my tummy was constantly full of juice, but a want for savory flavors and chewing.

During the day, I worked in the garden and took a nap. Other than that, it was a relaxing day. Physical symptoms didn’t happen until later in the afternoon. By 5:00pm, I had a raging headache and was a little foggy brained, like I had taken allergy medicine. Sinuses and yuck mouth also kicked in. Needless to say, I was ready for bed by 9:00pm.

5 days left!











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