Breast Explant Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m having my breast implants taken out. I’m nervous about the surgery, but not about the decision. And no, it’s not because I’m feeling sick or having any physical problems with them.

I had the implants put in because I was 44 and the “girls” were sagging. Originally, I thought of just a lift. After the consultation with the doctor, I decided an implant with the lift would have the best results. So that’s what I did. Did I get caught up in the moment…..probably. I was never unhappy with my size.

The recovery was not bad, but I was diligent about the pain meds. I do remember feeling like I had bricks on my chest when I breathed. After a few months, they still were not looking like I had envisioned. My implants were high. So after 6 months, I had a revision done. They looked better, but still not the “perfect” breasts you imagine you when you get implants. I wasn’t willing to do another surgery, so I accepted them.

It’s been 6 years now and as I’m getting older, my breasts are following nature, but my implants aren’t. A revision is necessary again, but why? The implants never really gave me any boost of confidence about my body. If anything, shopping for clothes became more discouraging. Having larger boobs just made me more self conscious. (I’m not a “show off the boobs” type of gal.)  Yes, my boobs were fuller, but were they prettier? For me, not really.

The bottom line is my implants never really felt like a part of me mentally or physically, not to mention the possible health risks. So it’s time for them to go.


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