My Personal Memorial to My Dad

Sadly, my dad passed away in January. In an effort not to be completely consumed with grief, I’ve been reflecting on some things I now know.

  • When you are lucky enough to have a wonderful loving father who made sure we gave hugs/kisses on the daily, there’s no panic at the end wondering if he knew how much I loved him. It’s a sure thing.
  • Who you are in life, you’re also that way until the end. My dad was always a happy fun loving man. At 81 years old and days away from death,  he was still fist bumping the nurses.
  • I stayed with my dad for the majority of his cancer treatment and honestly became very grumpy after a few months because I wanted to go home. Now I know I was lucky to have those days with him. They were a gift of extra time with my dad. I wish I had utilized them better.
  • We spend our lives accumulating nice things to go in our pretty houses. In the end, it all ends up being “just stuff”. His bible and hat were all I wanted.
  • My sisters importance in my life has never been so apparent as it was in those last weeks as we cared for him together. And now will never be forgotten.
  • All through my high school years, my dad’s mantra to me before going out was, “Have fun, be good, and don’t do anything stupid”. It was good advice then and is actually good advice in general.

So dad, now that you’re on the other side, “Have fun, be good and don’t do anything stupid.” xoxo





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