Its Official, Rosé Season is Here

I know some of you are still living in the cold, but for me here in Mexico we went straight from a few weekends of winter to summer. And while I’m not quite ready for all the heat, I am quite ready to start drinking Rosé.

Note: (If you are still experiencing winter weather, well… it is officially Spring so go ahead)

Here’s a few stats on Rosé

  • Rosé (French) is called Rosado (Spain), Rosato (Italy), and it’s also known as blush
  • European Rosés are drier than rosés from other parts of the world
  • Primarily consumed in Spring and Summer
  • Fruity profile and should be dry
  • Serve chilled
  • One of the most versatile food friendly wines
  • Bargain wine

When in doubt, ask for a dry Rosé from Provence under $15.00. Á votre santé!

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