Spanish Phrases I Hear All the Time


Below are some of  the first phrases I learned in Spanish because they are said everywhere and all the time.

Claro/Claro que si = Of course

Ven aqui = Come here

Ya voy  = I’m coming

Con permiso = With permission (used to pass by someone, “excuse me”)

Pasale = Pass (used to let someone in your house, to let someone pass by you in general)

Que rico! = Said when food is really good

Mas or menos = More or less

Andale pues =  Used to end a conversation or encounter. Similar to “OK then”

Mande? = What? (Usually yelled throughout our house)



  1. When I was in the Army I served with a lot of guys from Puerto Rico. They said, “mira” all of the time. Although they sounded as if they said, “Meedah.” I couldn’t help but pick it up and use it. Even the guys who didn’t want to learn Spanish used it.


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