Spanish Phrases I Hear All the Time



Below are some of  the first phrases I learned in Spanish because they are said everywhere and all the time.

Claro/Claro que si = Of course

Ven aqui = Come here

Ya voy  = I’m coming

Con permiso = With permission (used to pass by someone, “excuse me”)

Pasale = Pass (used to let someone in your house, to let someone pass by you in general)

Que rico! = Said when food is really good

Mas or menos = More or less

Andale pues =  Used to end a conversation or encounter. Similar to “OK then”

Mande? = What? (Usually yelled throughout our house)


Gift Giving Idea


Today is Black Friday in Mexico and I guess the official beginning of Christmas shopping. We need to remind ourselves that giving gifts during the season should be out of love and gratitude for people in our lives, not pressure and obligation. So I’m dedicating  these Fridays until Christmas to thoughtful gift ideas.

Crystal Healing Bracelets. Stacking bracelets is really popular now and I have recently become smitten. Make a gift of jewelry extra personal by thinking of who the person is and what intention you would like to give to them (love, support, strength).

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Here’s a chart to get you started.




Current Read


I’m currently reading, “All But My Life” by Gerda Weissmann Klein. This is a true story of a teenage girl during the holocaust. Gerda and her family live in Poland and slowly but surely, the Nazis take their town and take away their lives.


This is not the first holocaust book I have read and won’t be the last. I have read other books and have been to a concentration camp. The horrors are still unbelievable to me. But more than that, I read these books because the strength, perseverance, and love of ordinary people, ordinary families is also unbelievable, and not to be forgotten.

When I visited a camp outside of Berlin last year,  I remember the tour guide said, “Don’t try to rationalize what happened in your head. There is no rational explanation”.