Haunted House La Casa de Aramberri in Monterrey Mexico


Monterrey´s most haunted house is called La Casa de Aramberri.  In 1933, it was the home of one of the richest families in Monterrey. One morning, the father went to work leaving his wife and daughter at home. Three men then broke into the house and attacked the two women.  The men were after a chest full of silver coins. The men tortured and killed both the wife and daughter in the dining room. There was no sign of forced entry, no clues, and no witnesses with the exception of the family parrot.

While the police were investigating, the parrot began screeching in Spanish, “Don’t kill me Garbriel!”. The nephew Gabriel was arrested and eventually confessed to the crime. The police took the three criminals into the desert and shot them as they tried to flee. The bodies were then brought back to the city for public viewing.

Now, many people have reported seeing the two murdered women in the dining room and shadowy figures from the outside. Others say they can hear their cries at night pleading with the murderers not to kill them. Inside the house, some say you can feel intense pressure and the strong smell of sulfur.  The legend says their souls will never rest.



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