Wanna Be Vegan 6 Month Marker


It’s been 6 months since I began my goal toward veganism. I have had chicken once and shrimp maybe 3 times, eggs probably more than I realize, and cheese is still my arch nemesis. My focus now is egg alternatives when cooking and always the cheese. But I keep on keepin on. Here’s a few tips I’ve gathered since beginning this journey.

  1. Don´t expect a vegan hamburger to taste like an ordinary hamburger. You will only be disappointed. Accept that it’s something different with it’s own taste-texture.
  2. For me, rice milk is too watery. However, almond milk is delish!
  3. Worried about protein? I put a scoop of organic veg protein in my smoothie every morning. 15-20 grams of protein right there.
  4. After awhile, you start to have your “go to’s”. Mine are smoothies in the morning, roasted veggies, ratatouille, veg pizza, salads with croutons (without croutons a salad is not very satisfying for me), caprese salad or caprese pita, boiled squash with queso, almonds-seeds, apples, peanut butter, refried beans on tostadas, chilaquiles.
  5. I don’t use butter that much, but switching to an oil  has not been a problem.
  6. Going out to dinner is easy. There is always something on the menu that is vegetarian. Italian, Indian, and Chinese restaurants are no brainers.
  7. If you slip up, don’t give up. (I know one day I will conquer the cheese!)
  8. Remember why you started.


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