Fetch Eyewear & The Pixie Project

I had one of those slap you in the face “You’re getting old” moments. I realized this as I caught myself with product in hand, first up close to my eyes, and then far away, then up close, then far away, trying to find the correct distance so I could read the label. I’m in need of reading glasses. Images of grandmas sitting in rocking chairs, hair in a bun, glasses at the end of their noses attached to chains around their neck. Ugh….

And so my internet search began for cute frames when I stumbled upon Fetch Eyewear. These guys have some trendy and chic looking specs at decent prices. You can have six frames delivered to your house, choose your favorite, and send back the rest no charge. Brilliant! Then as I’m checking out the rest of the website, I read that 100% of their profits go to The Pixie Project. The Pixie Project being an animal rescue/adoption organization. Double brilliant! Check out some of their reading glasses below.

82d44e61608fc05aa96efb14a851dabb darby_white_tortoise_front e04091295aea68f8245a011f84f0cef2 reese_quarry

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